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Toros Cedars (Cedrus Libani) in Toros Mountains in Turkey (foto: Rumisabuncu)

Cedrus libani (Lebanon Cedar or Cedar of Lebanon), is a species of cedar native to the mountains
of the Mediterranean region, in Lebanon, western Syria and south central Turkey.

The Lebanon Cedar is an evergreen coniferous tree growing up to 40 m (130 ft) tall, with a trunk up to 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) diameter.

Cedrus libani was first described by French botanist Achille Richard.

There are two subspecies:

* Cedrus libani subsp. libani (Lebanon Cedar): Lebanon, western Syria and south central Turkey
* Cedrus libani subsp. stenocoma (Turkish Cedar): southwest Turkey

Some sources treat also Cyprus Cedar (Cedrus brevifolia) and Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) as subspecies of C. libani. However, a majority of the modern sources consider them distinct species.

Mount Toros in Turkey is where we can find the largest forest of Lebanese Cedars in the world (or in this case, it’s more correct to say “Toros Cedars” variety)!

Olhando-os me dá energia! Isto é mesma coisa com os aviões!
Just by looking at them, I gain energy! This also applies when I see airplanes!

Os Cedros do Líbano nas ” casas” deles!

The Cedars of Lebanon in their “home” countries
1. Turquia / Turkey

foto: Antalya College, Turkey

2. Líbano / Lebanon

(foto: Blingbling10)

Mas os Cedros do Líbano também servem de ornamentais noutros países do mundo! Como por exemplo em Porto, Portugal!
But the Lebanese Cedars are also used as ornamental plants in many parts of the world! Like in Porto, Portugal!

Fui eu que tirei esta foto em Porto em 2003. Os Cedros do Líbano ficam na esquerda da foto. / I took this picture in Porto in 2003. The Cedars of Lebanon can be seen on the far left part of the picture.

Foto dos cedros no mesmo sítio / Picture of the cedars in the same location


In search of pine trees in Abra

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Day 1

30 December 2009
Travel to Abra

I have a stomachache but I’m going to travel north of the Philippines in search of conifers (in this case, the pine trees, to be specific). In general, the conifers are some of my favourite trees. There are few in the Philippines due to the fact that it is a tropical country. However, there are some places in the country where pine trees thrive as well.

I just want to make sure the place I’m going to is NOT Baguio. Ya, Baguio is famous for its pine trees also but I’m searching for a more exotic place to find pine trees and I found Baay-Licuan which is actually a 12-hour bus ride from Manila and 5-hour bus ride from Baguio (this city has become the traditional place to take some long walks and stuff. It’s beautiful. But in my humble opinion, Baguio is not exotic anymore as far as adventure is concerned).
So, here I come, Baay-Licuan!
This place has not been discovered yet by tourists and I believe it would not be so easy. But I’m interested to go! The place should be beautiful!

Mochilas prontas / My backpacks are ready
Day 2 : Arrival in Abra
After 10 hours of bus ride, I arrived at the capital of Abra. I took this foto at around 06:00 in the morning.
Mountain called Sleeping Beauty, One of the tallest mountains in Abra/Ilocos boundary zone.
The mountains of Abra. Two days after I’ll visit this area! I took this picture and I love it!

Garden somewhere in Bucay
Day 2
31 December 2009
Kalipkipan, Bucay

Day 3
02 January 2010

And now, we have found the pine trees in Abra…in the town of Baay-Licuan! I love this place!

The route was: Bucay>Tayum>Lagangilang>Lacub>Baay-Licuan.

It’s a three-hour land travel. But it’s all worth it!

It’s like a cedar of Lebanon…but it’s not!


I like the countryside.

Time to go back to Manila

Hello world!

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